Texting/Driving Pledge

SADD can raise $50,000 from AT&T just by collecting pledges not to text while driving - so we need your help!  For every pledge, AT&T will donate $2 to SADD, plus a bonus of $5 for every five friends you invite who also take the pledge.  So pledge today and spread the word!  (If you already did this on behalf of NOYS, this is different. It's the same pledge, but this time the donations go to us.) http://www.causes.com/causes/639835-connect-for-good/actions/1475122?reposter=768206

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Our secondary goal is also to grow our Causes community, which you can find at www.causes.com/sadd

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This Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Anthony Joseph Telesca. Anthony, a unique, dynamic, loving, unselfish, scholar-athlete, mature beyond his years, died senselessly on December 5, 2000, at the young age of 16, as a passenger, in a one-car accident. His high school friend was driving recklessly, and Anthony paid with the ultimate price, his life. This tragic accident is a never-ending nightmare for all concerned. Educating teenagers to drive safely, is our only hope to try to prevent these tragic and senseless accidents from happening.

Growing up in Medford, New Jersey, Anthony developed a friendship and rapport with all those he touched, young and old, alike. Special among them were many caring Township Police Officers, all of whom had a positive influence on him. So much so, that Anthony planned on pursuing a law enforcement career and giving back to his community. However, due to reckless driving, Anthony will never achieve his goal.
All Foundation efforts to promote teenage driver safety awareness is our lasting tribute to Anthony Telesca.